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Field Coils and Armature Pins

Specification: As per Customer Drawings

Conductor Raw Material: Copper with 99.90%
Raw material Specifications:
Model Raw Material Size Flat Conductor size
Commercial Starter Ø 6 mm Approx 6.86 x 1.80mm
Car Starter Ø 4 mm Approx 3.94 x 2.04 mm
Armature Pins Ø 5 mm Approx 4.45 x 1.95 mm

Bhagyanagar India Ltd and started in the year 1998 and is an ISO - 9001 - 2015 certified Company and we are GREEN BELT suppliers to our major customer Lucas TVS, Chennai.

We supply around forty models of field coils which is a part of stator in DC and AC motors.

And Armature pins is a part of the Rotor part in DC and AC motors.


The main input of Flats come in Bobbins with sizes as per customer requirements

Flat conductor is cut to size in the auto cutting machine as per the required lengths.

The cut length is wound into coils as per required no of turns in clock and counter clockwise as per drawing.

Machine Tapping is done with the cotton tape followed by hand tapping.

Radius forming as per drawing.

Twisting operation.

Spot welding of all the four coils as per the drawing




Mechanical tests

Hardness testing in HV


Weld strength test


Each model is packed in a plastic Container boxes as per the kanban system of batch quantities

Model Box Size Quantity / Box
Car starter Car starter 300 x 400 x100mm 40 Nos
Commercial starter 300 x 400 x100mm 20 Nos
Armature Pins 8 sets
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