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Solar fins

We are integrated manufacturers of the solar absorber right from the stage of melting copper cathodes. Oxygen free copper has superior thermal properties for making solar absorbers. We use ultrasonic welding to bond between solar copper fin and tube for the best thermal conductivity.

The selective coating (black chromium) ensures absorbance of solar radiation above 96%.

Specification Standard Size Solar Absorptance Emittance
IS-12933 -2003 Part(3) Fin- 1920L x 115W x 0.10T 0.960-0.970α 0.096-0.125 ε
IS-12933 -2003 Part(3) Fin- 1920L x 120W x 0.19T 0.960-0.970α 0.096-0.125 ε

We make other sizes as per Customer requirement

Surana solar Absorber was stated in 2006 with know-how technology from National Aerospace Laboratories under Bhagyanagar India Limited.


The process used for Solar Selective Coating (NALSUN black Chromium), which has high absorptance and low Emittance in the thermal region.

The manufacturing of the SOLAR ABSORBERS done by Ultrasonic Welding which ensures high thermal conductivity.


The packing is the Conventional packing in a corrugated box with two compartments and in each compartment(5 sets) a set of 9 fins are bunched and 10 bunches with 5 on each side is packed which accounts to 90 Nos in a box.

+ 91 - 40 - 27845119, 27845046