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Submersible Wires

Submersible Wires : IS-8783 (Part 4 Sec 3)

Bhagyanagar India Ltd is privileged to add one more Product of Poly Wrapped Winding Wires and commonly known as Submersible Wires

Raw Material Inputs:

Copper Wires ranging from 0.80 to 1.20mm

Polyster Tape

White Tape

Nylon Tape


The main Raw material input is 99.90% Copper wire of various gauges and to that the All the input Tapes of Polyster ,white tape and followed by Nylon tapes are mounted on the winding machine and Bare copper bobbin is mounted on the payoff side and an empty bobbin is mounted on the take up side to get the Poly wrapped winding wires.


Used in Submersible pumps motors of all sizes for Domestic and Industrial applications.

Sl.No Name of the Tests Units Testing Instruments Used
1 Size (Diameters) Mm Digital Micrometer
2 Elongation Percentage Tensile Tester
3 Conductivity Percentage Conductivity Meter
4 Volume Resistivity Ohm/cm Million Mega meter
5 High Voltage Test KV High Voltage Tester
6 Thermal Ageing Change in Elongation & Tensile Ageing Oven and Tensile Tester
7 Shrinkage Test Percentage Circulating Hot Air Oven
8 Water Absorption mg/cm² Vacuum Oven and Pump Desecrator
9 Hot Deformation Percentage Circulating Hot Air Oven
10 Heat Shock Test No sign of Cracks/Scales/ Separation of layers Circulating Hot Air Oven Mandrels


Each coil tested at 3500V

Heat Shock Test : at 150 °C -180°C

Energy Saver

Tear resistant

Easy Winding


Available in different standard sizes with 99.90% copper purity and also according to customer's requirement in coil form with suitable length as per size, in polythene cover and packed corrugated boxes.

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