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Solar Flat Plate Collectors

Specification: IS-12933 -2003 Part(3)

Bhayanagar India Ltd Flat Plate Collector 100/200 Litre Solar Heater Specs

Usage: Domestic
Solar Water Heater Type: Flat Plate Collector
Capacity (LPD): 100 LPD /125 LPD
No of Fins 9 Nos
Box Material: Aluminium
Solar Aborber Material: Copper fins / Al fins
Colour: Black / Al / Signal white
Insulation: Rockwool
Tube Material: Header tube of Copper and solar Absorber with Nalsun coated fins (Cu &Al)
Glazing: Toughened glass 4 mm thick-free From bubbles and scratches
Dimension: 2030x1030x95
Warranty 1 yr
Temperature: 85°c


Frame Making

Backsheet Fitting

Absorber with 9 solar fins Assembly

.Assembly of box with Rockwool insulation and toughened glass fitment with retainer


Corrugated Packing of each Flat Plate Collector

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